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Steps to run wrfxctrl using FastX from CHPC:

  1. Go to https://servername.chpc.utah.edu:3443/ where servername is one of the CHPC servers, e.g., kingspeak1, notchpeak1. For instance, go to https://kingspeak11.chpc.utah.edu:3443/.
  2. Authenticate using your CHPC user account in User, your CHPC password in Password, and click on Log In button.
  3. Click on Launch Session, select MATE Desktop, and click on Launch button. This will give you a connection to Kingspeak using FastX.
  4. Open a terminal window, go to wrxctrl installation, and run python wrfxctrl.py
  5. Open Firefox, go to the URL shown on the terminal, and start a simulation!